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Waste of time

Filled out all the info then had to pay. Nah I’m coo

Yo this app is still taking my money .

I can’t believe after like 4 months of the app not being on my phone it still try's to take my money. This app literally took up all my money i had to literally the last cent . if you're reading these reviews right now before downloading, were all saying the same thing. So now ima just go to apple support so they can take this app off my cloud. For other people who’s reading This Is A WARNING! download at your risk .


Ok I’m just writing this to get a free thing this app is horrible


$8 a week??? No thanks! Y’all trippin!


Why would anyone pay for this app. Scam

Owner should go to prison

Stealing money from customers. Scam. Says free and 5 stars. Every rating they have is 1 star. Plus you have to pay 7.99/week or $40/month to read a couple sentences? Lol pathetic. Who the hell would ever buy this? LOL


what the hell. The app is free and then they will auto charge you $9 in 2 1/2 days.


You have to pay for a subscription before it will even let you into the app, not a fan.

False adv.

I saw how many downloads this app had and figured okay must be good, i open the app and it opens to this really cool kind of questionnaire about eye color and relationship status then immediately sends you to checkout?? Like im not paying $7.99 a week for a paragraph about my life?? Im so mad! There was no way to even see a free version without inputting card information


There’s no option to just go straight to the free app. I don’t want to do a trial. At 8 dollars a week there’s (a) no way any app is worth that cost and (b) a definite chance I’ll forget to cancel on time. (Seriously, you’d spend over 400 dollars a year on this app? It’d be cheaper to take a class to learn how to do this.)

Help. Trash !

How do i cancel this subscription?


I have to pay for it in either to see my horoscope which I could just get online for free. Don’t download it’s dumb.

Who would pay for this?

Not worth it

CAUTION! $7.99 per WEEK!?!?!

I downloaded the app, was put through a questionnaire, and then asked to pay $7.99 per WEEK to use the app. Nope.

I’m not paying money for this

I won’t!


Why would I have to buy the thing the hell I got it for free now you wanna make me purchase

What happened

I used to love this app and I’ve had it for awhile. But now for some reason the app won’t even open. I’ve tried it on multiple devices and same thing happens every time.

Scam BS


I like it

It’s cool


The app says it’s free, but can’t use the app unless we pay 8$ . Waste of money and time on this app. 1 star rating is also more for this.



3 day free trial and then you have to pay

This app is a waste of time, you enter all of this weird, and random information in... just for it to give you a 3 day free trial and then bill you after three days. This is absurd, especially for an app that probably isn’t real and just feeding. Off of people’s emotions.

Not worth $7.99 a week

I thing free here. $7.99 a week?? Are you serious??? No thanks!


I just noticed another users review, it Surprise me because the exact same B.S happened to me!! I demand a refund!!!


I downloaded this app and it forced me to sign in to the app store. Seems normal right? WRONG because after I closed the login screen it kept popping up continuously after I didn't sign in and it wouldn't let me in the app. Either it's just me or this app forces you to sign into the app store. Please do not get this app if it literally forces you to login to the app store and makes you pay to use the app itself.


You have to pay in order to do anything 😡

Nope nope nope

Not paying $40 or $8 a week hahahaha guess the stars were telling me to pick another app


Downloaded it and deleted it. Just realized it’s been charging me a weekly subscription fee of $7.99. Completely crooked.


Charges you way to much for what you get


Not a horoscope app but a SCAM to take your $$$

Scam!!! Should be Banned!

Downloaded by mistake and it asks for your Apple ID. Better not effing charge me. Surprised that Apple allows this.


i’d like to be able to try out the app before i just download it and have to do a free trial

Don’t get

You need to pay in order to access the app! It’s a woop for me

Trash should be blacklisted

No free trial like it claimed and I cannot find a way to cancel what turns out to be a daily $8 renewal. Would give it no stars but there is not an option. A negative-5 stars would be better.

Poor App

I downloaded this app because of the favorable reviews. Well .. after the download was complete - it took FOREVER to load! A few mins later, this App was still loading. So then I just deleted this it & moved on.

Hell no

It said this app was free but then charges after 3 days, so i tried to exit to the home screen and as i did it freaking scanned my finger and accepted the purchase

Costs money when you think it's free

It costs money when you think it's free

Didn’t even know I had it

I don’t have the app on my phone but apparently it have been making in app purchases and renewing itself. I haven’t used it in a year! How is that okay to take money when you don’t even have the app on your phone anymore! I don’t even remember buying the premium part of it! Don’t get it not worth it!


It’s complete bs.

After 1st use it will charge you without your consent.

Just don’t do it. Even unsubscribing is a hassle.


Haven’t tryed yet

Wast of money

This software don’t work on upgraded iOS Not on iPhone nor on iPad No help from its developer

Not free!

This app is not free! You have to pay an absurd amount before even showing you anything


It’s a Scam



Just a scam



I hate this app so much. I got it and accidentally payed money then cancelled it. And it’s still charging me 8 dollars everyday!! DO BOT GET


I’m so angry, after reading the first review I was also sketched out by the idea of paying for this app, but I downloaded it to see what it was all about anyway. After filling out a few questions, there is an option to click begin free trial... so I clicked it. A little tab came up that said my finger print was required because I would get a free three day trial but in order to get this i had to pay for the first week (WHICH IS 7.99/week) I’m sorry but who would ever pay that for this app. Anyway after I clicked cancel because I obviously wasn’t going to pay for it, the notification popped up again as I was exciting the app so when I put my finger on the home button to exit the app to delete it, you guessed it it paid for the subscription to this horrible app. I am so angry about this, yes it is just $8 but I could’ve spent this in so many better ways, I’m just disappointed I got cheated into buying this subscription. Angry to say the least.

Total garbage I want my money back

The ad was lovely but what you get for $39.99 is terrible and vague. Don’t buy this app it’s a scam

The review

It's good

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