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When you agree to a “Free Trial” they sign you up AUTOMATICALLY for a subscription where they charge you $7.99 per week or $19.99 a month. Ridiculous

This is Bs

It’s free to download but u have to pay to use the app even if it’s a free subscription you still have t pay. why does this app even have 5 stars why would anyone waste money just to see a horoscope when they can mostly just google it.


It's only until AFTER you sign up and put in all of your information does the app notify you that you must subscribe. Now they have my contact info and I'm deleting the app. Lovely.

You lied

Its not free. Don’t waste your time

Read before downloading!

Don’t download this “free” app. It asks you a few questions about yourself (birth date, eye color, favorite color) then tells you your astrological sign. Anything else requires a subscription. What a waste.


It makes no sense that this horoscope app is more expensive than Hulu or Netflix.? 8 a week is the most absurd price for advice from a stranger. I’m not sure if they realize but I can horoscopes are FREE literally every where else.



Too bad

I had give one star... as would have given none None of this is free app.... bs

Read this before downloading!

I hate how you have to pay!!!! You have to pay even before the free trial. It might be like this for all payment-required apps so accept my apology if I’m wrong but still. I just don’t want to spend money for something that I won’t use 24/7 like I do for other apps I've payed for.. It’s too expensive too. On a completely different topic, it would be nice if there was a free version of a horoscope app though. But on the other hand it does seem pretty interesting!

Great app doods

Preciate it

Do not download

This is a scam. You agree to be Charged a subscriber fee weekly of $8 that cannot be refunded and is very difficult to cancel!!

Deleted app

Couldn’t even try out the app without having to enter ITunes account password, which I did not do. Very deceptive ... not happening.

Can’t get into app at all

Thought I could get in to the app and see if I like it but it won’t let me without subscribing. The subscription price is outrageous, imho. Not falling for the “3 days free” either, we all know how that works out. Deleting it now.

Costs a subscription fee

Offers 3 days free, but requires you to cancel within the time or be charged. No content shown before paywall.


This app doesn’t even say the truth! You have to pay for this junk! People are just stupid to say that this is great!


Of course it’s a trial but it’s whatever

Can’t use if you don’t pay

You can’t do a single thing unless you pay$8/week. All you can do is put in the info. Can’t look at anything or learn anything unless you pay. Total scam


Not sure how they have such high ratings, you can’t even use it without paying, there is no free version. Sneaky.

Free to download only

Asks for payment immediately after entering birthday data. Total bait and switch.


Charges you money!


This is a scam, it charges you know matter what. Don’t download it or put in your Apple ID. It’s fake. I have no clue how it has such a high rating. You have to pay 8$ dollars for something you can find online! Don’t do it, don’t waste your money!

Too Expensive!!😡😡

Waste of time...downloaded it free and was so excited to use it, answered all the questions and then they want $7.99 a WEEK or you can pay a one time payment of $39.99..ridiculous, deleting it two minutes after I downloaded it..

Don’t buy

Don’t buy this this is literally a scam

Scam-not free!

You can’t use the app without upgrading to the pay version.

Don’t get it

I got the free trial and then I crashed and now won’t open u scammer

Absolute BS

I'm a single mother of two with no financial support whatsoever. I can't afford to be scammed. Luckily I have a lawyer at my disposal so I will be getting the law involved because the developer should be ashamed


I’m into astrology but I’m not gonna pay $8 a week for it. Sorry but waste of money for me

Have to pay

They ask you questions and give the illusion that they’ll tell you anything...but first you have to pay. Slimy scheme.

Don’t download paid service only

Don’t download it. Forward you to Multiple link only for paid service!!

You have to pay

I thought it would at least give me a free quick horoscope before having me sign up for a weekly subscription of $7.99 but nope. Right away it wanted me to pay.

You have to pay!?

Quite ridiculous you have to pay. So I'm seconding guess on that thought.

total bs

If this app charges me, I am going to be livid. Stupidest sh*t. Don’t download it.


The app is useless unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount of money every week. Deleted it almost immediately. There are other horoscope apps that are good quality and free.

Don’t download!

I don’t know how this app got almost 5 stars! You can’t even use it with out paying $8 for a subscription. It’s just free to download and delete. They should be ashamed trying to lure people like this! I don’t know how Apple allows this!


I love this app it’s so accurate

Best horoscope

Wel the apps give all you need. This horoscope quite right about my mood


This app is pointless unless you want to PAY for a horoscope. No thanks, I’ll pass.


$8 a week for a horoscope are you kidding me

You have to pay...

I hate how you have to pay

Not feee

Not a free app as soon as you open it they try and charge you $7.99

No bueno

Got charged for this app when even when I took it off my phone, if I would’ve known I would be getting charged almost $9 I wouldn’t have added this app. Shouldn’t trick people into buying things!

Took my money

Yo this app is legit Bs man it took $8 dollars out of my account DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP AT ALL!!!!!!!

Cost money!!

You can’t do anything in this app and less you pay for it… That should specify that before downloading!


I downloaded it for fun, but it makes you pay subscribe & pay $8! Spent 10 minutes after I downloaded it trying to figure out how to unsubscribe lol I’d rather use the internet

Terrible. So mad.

I was charged 19.99 for a subscription and it wouldn't even let me on the app because it kept crashing. If you want a good horoscope app get Daily Horoscope. I am a college student and i cant even afford to pay 20 dollars for something I cant use when I didn't even want a subscription in the first place. Thanks a lot..

If I could rate 0 I would

This is literal “clickbate” you think it’s free, until you’re done answering some simple questions about yourself & they bring you to a page asking for money. Screw this

Best horoscope app

Love the daily horoscope! :)


What’s with no option for the eye color hazel? There was a option for blue, green, brown and grey but NO option for hazel!


This app is said to be free and I have been charged 2x in less than one month 8$ after I deleted it off my phone when I didn’t like it. DO NOT download it won’t tell you you’re being charged!


$30 a month? for a HOROSCOPE? lol funny.

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