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Great app



This app is a complete scam. Was paying almost $9 a week and the app wouldn’t even open up on my phone. Spent way over $100 dollars on this app. Luckily I found out how to cancel. Do not use this app at all.

$30 a month for this app

Is there actually people out there who pay for this

This is a fraud horoscope site

I downloaded this horoscope site I did not know they were going to charge me 7.99. I deleted the side but they are still charging me 7.99 I have emailed them but they are still taking the payment from my account This is a fraud site please do not use it

Robbed me!!!

How do I delete this?! I cancelled it after one day and it charged me!!! I haven’t used it in months and I get charged! I want this off my my phone and to Not get billed for an app I am Not using!!! This is absolute BS!

Not cool!!

Why say it’s free and then you still bill me? I want my money back!

Idk why Apple hasn’t taken this app off the market

Complete scam, free to download but you must put in your Apple ID to access the app meaning they can charge you but better yet there’s nothing free about the app just a subscription you have to pay for weekly which is absolutely not worth it to read a horoscope!

This is not FREE

Just a warning you will be asked to pay a weekly fee!


hahahahaha $7.99/week. omg that’s hilarious. i just want the 1 stars to stick out bc idk who they think they’re kidding with their fake AF 5 star ratings. immediately deleted this app as soon as it wanted me to pay.


This app is useless. You can’t do anything without paying first. And after you pay the 9$, a month, you basically get a reading that relates to literally everyone. I’m very upset.

Terrible App

This same occurrence happened to me where they “tricked” me into the $8 subscription. I am truly appalled. Don’t get this app if you don’t plan on paying the $8 subscription fee- even if it’s a free trial.

Cheated.. don’t download

They cheated me of $8. I began trial and cancelled it within an hour and guess what they charged $8. Absolutely rubbish app

Thumbs up

This is a great app


Ah, another 1 star review. Because it isn’t possible to give zero. This app should be reported for intentionally scamming its customer base. I’m also willing to bet the creators have many, many of the fake 5 star reviews on here. Why else would it have almost triple the reviews its competitor has? Because in order for it to average a 4.5, with all these 1 star REAL reviews, it would need that many more positive ones to pretend to make up for it. When it advertises its paid version it deceives you by boasting “100% AD FREE VERSION” into believing there is a free version with ads, but there is no way to access the app without paying . I think Apple should require apps that are 100% UN-USEABLE without paying to not just let you know that it allows in-app purchases within the app but rather that the app cannot be used without purchasing. Because I’m sure many of us would not have even wasted our time with an actual helpful notice like that. The point of the warning is to avoid downloading apps where you may accidentally make purchases you don’t intend to make. Why even bother warning us of that if that app is useless WITHOUT paying? And on top of all of this.. THE APP ITSELF IS PURE GARBAGE. It asks you all these specific questions “what’s your age/birthdate / relationship status / zodiac sign”.... for seemingly NO REASON WHATSOEVER because the main page of the app is just a list of TYPES of horoscope readings (singles scope, couples scope, etc - NOTHING tailored to your responses) and when you click them it has a sub menu where you select your sign to see the specific reading. It asks those questions purely for the purpose of selling the information to advertisers/companies. SHUT THIS SH*T DOWN


What the ducking stop talking my money from bank account

Waste of time

Don’t download this game because you have to pay I don’t even give you a chance to look at the game you have to pay as soon as you go it go waste of time this game don’t even deserve one star


How does this even have a 4 star rating ?


smooth & extremely interesting


This ENTIRE app is nothing but a massive paywall plastered with deceiving ads for the paid version. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. It doesn’t do anything. Seriously!


I have tried to cancel this terrible application and I am being charged. I want it gone.

$7.99 A WEEK!!!

Be sure to read what you agree to with this app. It seemed like it could be a good app, but you only get 3 days for free and then it starts charging you $7.99/week! That is absolute nonsense. I can only assume the reviews on this page are fake. I can’t imagine anyone willing to pay $8/wk for a horoscope!!


I have to pay?

Don’t get this.

I downloaded for free. It doesn’t say ANYTHING about payment anywhere. As soon as I open it prompts for Apple password. You CANT get off the screen or cancel. When you cancel you better double click as fast as you can to close the app and delete it. Seeing as all these people are being charged.

Free app u can’t use without paying for??

Really?? U have to sign up to get a horoscope nah I’ll just get my horoscope from one of the other billion places for free. Ads is how free apps are free, not forced subscriptions. Bet this app is a flop and I know why!

Completely 💩

My horoscope should have me I about to get gypped

I did not want this app

Please take me off this and my card I would never pay for something like this it really needs to be fixed please not to happy

It’s not free

I don’t understand why it’s in the free app category if u have to pay. This was a wast of time and false advertisement.

Google how to unsubscribe apps on iphone

If you follow the tutorial you will be able to stop it super easily. This app is a scam tho. Really mad but thank god i stopped it before it got worse :(


whoever put a 5 star is lying, give me my $8 back

In app purchases

There is no word before downloading that you have to pay to use this app. Please fix this so others don’t have to deal with this.

Wants you to pay

You shouldn’t need to pay for something you can get free from google

No horoscope here

Yep that’s right per week !LOL forget it!

Not free!

Other 1 star ratings are accurate. Don’t call the app free if it’s only a 3 day free trial.

This really isn’t free

As soon as you download the app you are prompted to try a 3 DAY free trial then it’s 8 dollars a month! You also do not even get a preview. Immediately uninstalled. The rating system has to be flawed


I clicked to see what the app was about. I read reviews and saw that it charges but I wanted to see what exactly the app charged for as some apps have included features that are sufficient enough without buying. SO I download and purchase nothing and it was a free download but what do I get charged? I get charged for these ridiculous in app purchases even after deleting the app right away. I then email the app support FOUR TIMES with no response and I’m still getting charged! Such a sketchy app. Only got one star from me because it will not let me review any lower.

Stupid F%#king App

The app starts off with asking you a series of questions ranging from your birthday to your favorite color(?) after successfully guessing your zodiac sign, it requires you to try the “free” 3 day trial. The trick is, you’re obligated to pay $8 a WEEK for your horoscope and since your free trail is only for 3 days, you’re essentially still paying $8 for the week you sign up. F#%k this app, do not even remotely show interest.


It won't allow you to open an app if you do not pay. It is not a free app!


Me gusta


Same here - how can I bypass the $7.99/week premium version????? There has to be a regular version, it’s already an in-app purchase. But I can’t get into what I already bought without agreeing to $7.99/week premium. Please fix this and I’ll write a better review.

So dumb

Just make us pay up front instead of making people believe it’s free

Would put 0 stars

You cant even use the app without using the trial.


This app is a joke. Literally does not work. Don’t download cuz then you’ll be charged 7.99. And after I paid I couldn’t even use it anymore because it literally STOPPED WORKING. Would crash all the time, I gave up. I wish I could’ve gotten my money back.

Might as well pay for the app

I will never pay for a fake horoscope 😂

So far so good

Not so bad so far


I love this app! It inspires me


my boyfriend made me buy it i had my thumb on the home button and he pressed try trial and i buaght it


This is dumb I wanted to see if this was a chill app but it keeps claiming I need to pay $8 for deleting a app so people get it right this app is a waste of money.

Not free

I hate when it says an app is free then you fill out all these questions and find out it’s not free. 😡

Reeks of a Scam

App immediately wanted me to sign into the App Store, asking for my password. Then becomes very annoying trying to close app without signing in. Avoid.


Waaaaay too pricey

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